Chapter 1 – Introduction

Before delving into Improving Your Life through Guidance from Prime Creator, it is helpful to have an understanding of why Ascension is occurring on Earth in this time period. To understand the why’s of Ascension, we must first understand the nature of Prime Creator and Prime Creator’s Mother / Father, The All That Is and us, Prime Creator’s Children.

Prime Creator has a Mother / Father?

The All That Is is an unimaginably vast energetic being that encompasses us, our entire universe, all timelines contained within our universe, all other universes in creation and our Prime Creator.

The All That Is achieved sentience unimaginable quadrillions of years ago and set about exploring it’s environment. It soon became apparent to the All That Is that exploration of itself and it’s environment could be made more efficient if it split itself into multiple entities. Soon, it gave birth to twelve source entities of which our Prime Creator is one. Each source entity is free to explore an area within the All that Is in any way to it’s liking. The All That Is gave each source entity a Mission: Explore in every way imaginable and energetically share these experiences among the All That Is and amongst each other.

Our Prime Creator decided to take half of it’s energy and replicate trillions upon trillions upon trillions of smaller versions of itself. These smaller parts of Prime Creator are our Spirits. Our Spirits are made in the image of Prime Creator but smaller. Our spirits are the Children of God. Although our Spirits have been individualized, all are energetically linked to each other, Prime Creator and All That Is. When we learn or experience something, all of us learn and gain from that experience. We are, truly, all One.

Our Spirits, in turn, create a subdivision of itself called souls that accompany our bodies. All living things have souls. Lower forms of life have group souls. Sentient species such as humans and cetaceans have individual souls. There are many exceptions to the rule, however. Some individual souls choose to incarnate as plants or minerals or even photons just for the experience. The next time you see a spider dropping down to stare at you, that just might be someone you once knew as a human!

Our spirits have been given the same Mission by Prime Creator that Prime Creator received from the All That Is – explore in every way imaginable and energetically share these experiences among each other, Prime Creator, Prime Creator’s brothers /  sisters and the All That Is.

Earth and our Universe – An Exploration in Physicality

Until recently, Spirits created souls to incarnate here on Earth to experience the pleasure of being on such a beautiful planet and to experience the sensation of physicality. Spirit beings in the higher realms are pure energy and do not experience the delightful feelings of sun on the face or the wind rustling through hair.

Over time, many Spirits became addicted to the Earthly experience and became so enamored with the physical universe that they became stuck on Earth, reincarnating over and over.  In the beginning, every human could clearly hear Prime Creator’s loving voice and called upon Prime Creator for advice. However, the addiction to physicality caused many on Earth to forget this connection or ability. Eventually, those who sought to control others decided to distract humans even more by stating that humans were not worthy of direct contact with Prime Creator. Those who sought to control also discovered that creating fear within a human causes a human to withdraw and to become deaf to Prime Creator’s voice. Fear was and is used as a control mechanism.

Why does Prime Creator Allow Those in Power to Control Us With Fear?

The age old question that many of us have when witnessing brutality, mayhem, crime, warfare, terrorism or simple selfishness and bullying is, “Why, God, do you permit this?” The short answer to this may surprise you – We humans designed it that way!

To adequately explain this, we must first explore the concepts of Earth as School, Free Will and Earth’s Veil of Illusion.

Earth as School

The All That Is and Prime Creator wish for us to join them as explorers and creators in those areas within the All That Is not yet explored. In order to be ready as an eventual Creator of Universes, doesn’t it make sense that our Spirits need to devote time toward evolving in various Schools in order to create with the same pure Love that Prime Creator uses?

Part of a Spirit’s development is to incarnate or attend Schools that allow experiences which create growth, maturity and understanding. There are many schools throughout Prime Creator’s Omniverse. Earth is one of them. The primary lesson on Earth is to come to realization that we are all One – that we are part of the Prime Creator. We then open our hearts and choose to help others because we are helping aspects of ourselves. We then choose to treat all with unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgement. We then choose to help others achieve the same feeling of Oneness or Unity Consciousness. Notice the emphases on the word choose.

Free Will

To graduate from the Earth school, you must choose with your own free will to believe in and feel Oneness and become harmless to others (unless attacked – all beings have the right to self defense and boundary separation).

You must choose with your own free will to radiate unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgement to all.

It is impossible to force you to believe in Unity Consciousness or to be all loving. Permanent change on Earth or in Spirit comes from making the decision within you.

Free will is a Universal Law for Spirits within Prime Creator’s Omniverse. It is an essential ingredient necessary so that our Spirits can evolve into purely loving Creators and take our place alongside Prime Creator as grand explorers in the All That Is.

Veil of Illusion

As mentioned, there are many types of schools in the Omniverse. Each school offers a different lesson to learn. Earth is considered an advanced school because our Spirits wanted a challenge. The Earth school allows Free Will in a place where we humans can not remember our Spirit selves or our previous incarnated lives. This is called the Veil of Illusion. There are other schools similar to Earth within the Omniverse, but free will is limited to non-destructive outcomes and those who incarnate retain memory of who they are (aspects of Spirits).

But Spirits wanted more of a challenge. They wanted a place where their soul aspects could evolve at an accelerated pace. Earth is the only school in the Omniverse with both Free Will and the Veil of Illusion. Since Prime Creator has set Free Will for Spirits as a Universal Law, then Earth became the place that it is today – a challenging school where humans are allowed free will to choose to be unconditionally loving and serve others on their journey toward Unity Consciousness or to become focused upon service to self at the expense of others.

Evolution for Earth and Humanity

Over time, there have been enough souls and Spirits (including the Spirit of Mother Earth) who have come to an agreement that it is time to move away from the Veil of Illusion and to evolve on a planet where all who live upon her have Unity Consciousness.

The Goal Of Earth Ascension

The goal of Earth Ascension is an Earth that has a human population all living in Unity Consciousness. Imagine a world with no borders, no crime, no hunger, no mental illness, healthcare for all, and freedom from control from others as well as the ability to pursue your dreams without impinging your will upon others.

Freedom of expression in dress, hair style, and body art are treated with respect and acceptance by all. No longer will we judge others by appearance or lifestyle. Our differences will be honored by all.

Once Humanity has achieved Unity Consciousness, then the cleaning up of Earth shall begin. Earth shall, over time, be transformed back into a natural paradise as humanity develops innovative ways to live above ground, underground, underwater and in the air that will allow Earth’s ecosystems to regenerate to a state similar to 10 thousand years ago while still maintaining a comfortable standard of living for more than 18 billion humans.

Mechanics Of Earth Ascension

You are still reading this because you wish for the Earth Ascension Goal to be achieved.  Let us explain how Earth Ascension works. In order for the human population to evolve into Unity Consciousness, each one of us must take responsibility for our soul evolution and state our intentions to Prime Creator that we desire Ascension. Prime Creator has developed a way for us to Ascend into Unity Consciousness that can take as little as two days.

Unity Consciousness is a deep, open-hearted feeling that you are connected with all living things. This is not an intellectual understanding. The intellectual agreement of the concept is called being Awake or Aware.  You know when you have Unity Consciousness when you no longer have the desire to swat insects or the desire to kill living entities. Animals will know that you have Unity Consciousness and will be attracted to you.

The Prime Creator has tasked a group known as the Company of Heaven to oversee Earth Ascension. In addition, beings in service to the Prime creator from advanced ET civilizations as well as ancient Earth peoples living underground, in the oceans and in the forests are here to help with Earth Ascension.

Although a vast array of beings are helping with Ascension, the Law of Free Will requires that we incarnated humans, on our own, choose Unity Consciousness. Prime Creator does not wish to force this upon you. If you don’t choose Unity Consciousness you are free to live out your life on Earth.

Therefore, the Company of Heaven and the many loving, advanced civilizations present can only help you with your personal Ascension journey in limited ways and only if you ask for help. They can help clear away some of your barriers to Unity Consciousness which we shall describe later.

The Sequence Of Events

So how, exactly, will all the people that you know who are totally unaware of Ascension become Awakened to it and to Unity Consciousness?

Firstly, all humans on Earth are being prepared for this in their dream state. Many may not remember their dreams but, rest assured, they are having many dreams regarding their past lives and are being reminded that they incarnated on Earth in this time so that they achieve Unity Consciousness in human form. These dreams have been occurring for years and are increasing in intensity to the point where all will wake up one day with a vivid recollection of an intense life-like dream where they meet Prime Creator, meet their departed loved ones, feel the intense love of Unity, and are guided on a story of reincarnation and how they came to be here on Earth. All who have this dream will awaken with this dream etched into their memory. This is how Prime Creator plans upon Awakening the masses who appear asleep in the illusion of current Earth culture.

Will All Have This Dream?

Not everyone will have this Dream Experience at first. The Dream Experience is given to those who have reached a certain level of consciousness or density (explained a future chapter). Density is determined by a person’s attachment to their current lifestyle, over reliance upon ego, and emotional trauma.

The ones who do have the Dream Experience can choose Unity Consciousness and then help those of lower density through education and healing of emotional trauma. Education and healing raises the density levels and that will trigger the vivid Dream Experience to more people. Once these people experience the vivid Dream Experience, they can more easily make their choice of Unity Consciousness.

After the Dream Experience

Many millions will choose Unity Consciousness during the Dream Experience itself. Others will not and may react in fear or denial. No one is judged.  Not choosing Unity Consciousness after the Dream Experience may well mean that more education and healing is needed. There is no shame or dishonor.

Even those who choose Unity Consciousness may find themselves going through stages of sadness and despair. The intense bliss of Prime Creator’s Divine Love experienced in the Dream Experience will leave a strong impact on people that will cause dissatisfaction with Earth life. However, Ascension Tips provide valuable techniques to keep your consciousness from flagging.

Waves of Dream Experience Events

The Divine Plan for Earth’s Ascension is to continue pulsing the population with the Dream Experience to Awaken the sleeping and then for those who have chosen Unity Consciousness  to heal and educate those who have not yet Awakened, and those who have had the Dream Experience but have chosen to stay in the Illusion of the old ways.

This cycle shall continue until all have made their choice from an educated and healed state of consciousness.

What If I Choose No to Unity Consciousness?

If you choose no to unity Consciousness then you will continue to live and breathe and enjoy life as you wish. You will also be able to witness the incredible changes to Earth as those with Unity Consciousness transform society into a Heaven on Earth. You will always have a choice to choose Unity Consciousness at any time. In fact many will change their minds and choose Unity Consciousness as the physical transformation of Earth society and Earth gains momentum.

The Nature of Earth Humanity’s Collective Consciousness

Many people are of the thought that just concentrating on their own Density Levels is selfish and that they should be changing the world through actions such as protests and exposing corruption. Action alone without changing your Density Level will not raise your vibration so that you can shift into a higher dimensional reality. Furthermore, focusing on the problem rather than the solution will activate the Universal Law Of Attraction.

Many know of people who are fighting for causes that are Earth friendly such as saving endangered species but exhibit hateful and judgemental behavior against their opponents that are at odds with the higher truth that we are all One. Governments can be changed through higher dimensional thinking. Ghandi and Martin Luther King are two mighty examples of this.

Focusing your efforts into developing your own higher density consciousness where you understand that we are all One and where you feel that we are all One allows you to make the mighty changes within you that will then allow you to make the mighty changes without from a place of higher Density Level awareness. To try to make changes at the same Density Level of the ones who oppose you causes the ones who have the most resources to prevail.

Ultimately, as a higher Density Level consciousness, you create change not by focusing and fighting the old but by creating and focusing on a new higher Density Level solution. This requires that you first raise your Density Level.

The Multiplier Effect

An example of using thinking from a higher reality to solve a problem is understanding that when one human raises their Density Level over the Density Level 4.1 threshold, the effect upon our shared Earth Human Consciousness is the same as if one million humans had raised their consciousness past the critical threshold. This phenomena is called the Multiplier Effect. This Effect is unknown to your science since it can only be observed from a higher dimensional realm.

If you were to do nothing else than raise your consciousness to Density Level 4.1, then you would be helping to raise all of humanity’s Density Level.

This Multiplier Effect allows a small portion of the population to give the gift of Higher Density Consciousness to all. This happens because we all share One consciousness. The more who achieve Density Level 4.1, the more that consciousness level becomes the “new normal” with All.

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