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We hope that you find the information here useful for your spiritual journey as well as helping you live a life worth living.

This information has been received by the writer from the All that Is over a period of years. The information and guidance has been extremely helpful for his own health and well-being and that of many others. The Introduction has been updated as of August, 2020 and includes more information that is relevant to this turbulent time that we are now living through.

Instead of a religion, this site shows you how to directly connect with Prime Creator, thus cutting out the middle man and reducing the ability of middle men to try to warp the message and control your lives.

Prime Creator’s message is simple: “If you heal your Inner Self, raise your consciousness level, and follow guidance from Prime Creator or All That Is then you will find yourself living an incredible and enriching journey that will have you embodying the highest values that humanity can offer.

Read the information here, and if it seems right to you, then put it into practice!

The primecreator.org team

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